International NodeBots Day 2015

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We’re back!

If you live in the Wellington region, come join us on July the 26th to meet other other keen minded, soon to be robot masters and explore the wonderful world of robotics and electronics. This event is run simultaneously around the world as International NodeBots day, we’ll be connecting with other NodeBots events in a heap of different countries to learn and hack together.

NodeBots day isn’t your typical hackathon, this event is about learning and having fun with electronics using JavaScript. You’ll get to play with LEDs, servos, sensors, Arduinos and maybe even a Raspberry Pi.

Tickets are availble here.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has an interest in how things work, be it electronics or programming, anyone with a curious mind will enjoy NodeBots.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, a laptop (if you have one), and some lunch or lunch money.

You don’t need to bring any hardware, we’ll supply everything you need to build a fully functioning robot. But, if you have any hardware of your own, do bring it along to show off, we’re trying to grow a community and sharing knowledge is an easy win.

What will we do?

Anything and everything, the kits supplied have guides to teach from how LEDs work all the way through to making a flappy-cat game on an LCD screen. We’ll be building SumoBots at some stage during the day, and having a SumoBot battle, but to quote John Key, “at the end of the day” you’re free to build anything you want.

Can I bring my child?

Yes, we encourage young minds to come and learn with us, and we’ve frequently had kids from 7-12 join us, but do keep in mind that the guides aren’t setup for kids, which means guided learning might be needed; so a guardian will be required to help out.

What does it cost?

Thanks to our awesome sponsors, $15.00 is all you need to get a ticket to the event.

However, if you are financially constrained, we do have a discount that will make the ticket free. The $15 is to cover costs for expendables, it’s a small fee but it helps keep us going.

Looking forward to you joining us on Sunday the 26th for a day of hacking and learning. :D