Nodebots Wellington

written in planning

Surprise; Where hosting an event here in Wellington on the 23rd of May!!!

If you haven’t heard already, NodeBots is a fun event where you get to build robots with JavaScript!

That’s right… if you’ve any JavaScript experience, you can now use your powers to manipulate the machines. From blinking lights to Sumo Bot battles, Remote control cats, and Bull fighting with quadcopters

If you have no idea how to use an LED, have no fear - NodeBot experts will be on hand to help you hack, wire, and solder your way to a full fledged NodeBot. It’s aimed for ages 14 and up, but if you’re a smart cookie and not quite 14 yet we’ll still let you code some robots :D

We have a range of things to build and learn about at our NodeBots events, from messing with sound and light, all the way though to building robotic arms to help pickup coffee cups.

The only thing you’ll need to bring is yourself and a laptop, and maybe some lunch for the day, we’ll supply everything else.

Ticket prices are $15 each, but if you’re a bit cash strapped then use the discount code NODEBOTS_IS_AWESOME, and the ticket will be free. We have low overheads, so as long as there’s a few people paying for tickets, the minimum gets paid, anything left over goes into buying more awesome gear.

Checkout for tickets, and hopefully we’ll see you there.