Hello World

written in planning

Hi Everybody and join me in welcoming to the world the brand spanking new NodeBots New Zealand.

For a while now I’ve been planning and working out how to bring NodeBots to New Zealand, and after some sweat and hard work I’ve finally started the ball rolling.

Though sadly the initial kickoff Wellington NodeBots event is postponed until further notice, well… basically until I find one or two more sponsors to help alleviate the cost of the gear and kick the organisation off.

If you’re a company, or know of a company that would be keen on sponsoring, please get in touch, we’re so close to pulling off a NodeBots day here in Wellington, and once that’s out of the way we’ll be hitting up Auckland and possibly a few other cities too. Also, If you’d like to help out with the organisation then jump on the Google Group and make yourself known.

Once we find our last sponsors I’ll be able to announce some dates, in the mean time, talk about this at the coffee machine / water cooler and hype this thing up! It’s gunna be bigger than Jonny Five in the 80s!

Cheerio, Alex